Light In the Dark

Contextual Statement

Laurence Arlidge

This project is informed by research into the New Zealand housing crisis. Specifically the issue of temperature and humidity within a garage. More and more New Zealanders are facing issues to do with housing. Some cannot afford to buy, some can not afford to rent. Some live in houses poorly insulated and others live in garages, perhaps with no insulation or the bare minimum. Certainly not W.H.O standard. My project examines IoT and the potential uses for it within the home to control environmental factors and alert when certain conditions are met. 

For the families in need I am not sure what solution there is, more money is the first thing that comes to mind but awareness is another. To create this awareness we need the passing of information to occur. To obtain this passing of information we need to create engagement. I have chosen IoT to create the information and the engagement.

I felt IoT would be beneficial as it allowed me to use relevant data to not only create a physical object, but would also allow live feeds of data to be represented as light. IoT can create engagement with a person as the technology is interesting, and in my case also informative. This initial engagement will lead them to discover the meaning behind the project. The casinos of Las Vegas are lit up and sparkly for this reason. By bridging the gap between data and people using light and object I believe that data can be best absorbed.

“Habitability: housing is not adequate if it does not guarantee physical safety or provide adequate space, as well as protection against the cold, damp, heat, rain, wind, other threats to health and structural hazards.”

“Accessibility: housing is not adequate if the specific needs of disadvantaged and marginalised groups are not taken into account.” 

I have read a lot of information from the W.H.O guidelines for homes regarding temperature and humidity, this information makes claims which would put my data in their at risk category for 90% of the day in which I measured the temperature and humidity levels within my garage. Combined with knowledge of families living in similar circumstances one can deduce that some families would be living in similar environmental conditions. I make no scientific claim with my data, it is only to be used as a comparison to a W.H.O guide for healthy living standards, and while I did find that said conditions would be considered at risk of mould and mites I make no scientific claim. For reference, my sensors can monitor within 0.5°C and 5% relative humidity.