Waffle From Surface
The use of digital technology in the production of physical models and prototypes is increasingly widespread within the design and manufacturing industries. Computational design enables people to explore ever more complex design. Rapid prototyping allows designers to print models only minutes after digital manifestation. 

This partnership has shaped the world we live in. In the past the present and in the future. I am experimenting with panelling on surfaces, wherein user defined geometry is assigned parametrically to any surface. This sort of idea emerges often in architecture. Tight packing can be seen in the Alveoli of the human lung, in the honeycomb made by bees, in insects, crystals and bacteria.
"The form of any particle of matter, whether it be living or dead, and the changes in form
which are apparent in its movements and in its growth, may in all cases be described as
due to the action of force.
In short, the form of an object is a diagram of forces…"
-D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson | On Growth and Form | 1917