Here I have designed a parametric box to house a series of miniature books I make. The books measure 55mm x 40mm x 5mm and have been designed for a project I am working on where myself and a number of others will be creating the worlds largest art installation. The kickstarter is currently running and will do so for 365 days. I wanted to design a series of rewards to give our kickstarter backers, the parametric boxes will be 3D printed on an SLA or SLS printer to give maximum quality and finish. 
I designed this nightlight so four faces are acrylic inserts, and the nightlight itself is a shell. One could fit the faces with different coloured acrylic so as to create a more flamboyant look.
I wanted to create low rise storage which could be cut on a CNC and flat packed into a box so as to travel well. This concept is best identified within the "Ikea" brand and is their staple design concept for furniture. Flat pack concepts are also taking hold of the housing market in Europe at the moment, with a select few constructing walls and interior for houses on a factory floor with CNC machines and then shipping these to their building sites. 
I was inspired by a packet of breadsticks to make this interesting parametric design. I wanted the sticks to mould in on each other and yet appear to be individual free standing forms. I am developing this idea further from just an object into a lamp. Lamp design is something I practice often as I feel lighting is often overlooked by some people as being art and also beneficial object. I hope to spark a new way for those people to see lighting.